Science is for those who learn; poetry, for those who know. — Joseph Roux, Meditations of a Parish Priest
To be a poet is a condition, not a profession. — Robert Frost
Everything one invents is true, you may be perfectly sure of that. Poetry is as precise as geometry. — Gustave Flaubert

Thursday, July 30, 2009

~ Our Little Brood ~

A little bit of me
A little bit of you
Jumbled up together
To create our little brood

Our three little mice
Running all around
In very loud contentment
Heaven can be found

Three toothless smiles
Laughter here and there
All their corny antics
With lots of love to share

As they sprout like bean poles
And become such know it alls
Discipline and loving hugs
Will keep them safe and strong

And soon the day will come
They'll decide to move away
And me and you will dance for joy
Create our holiday

But alas….

A little bit of her
A little bit of him
Jumbled up together
To create our little gems

Smiley and wonderful
Such a beautiful sight
But when the little gems go home
We sleep so sound all night

Close our doors and windows
Enjoy the peace and quiet
We'll sit and rock remembering
How life was such a riot
© Bobbie Sandlin
I've been looking through my blogs and forgot my other poetry blog when I was trying to save work from my disk (it went bad lol). This is an oldie, but I remember smiling at the way this came out.

~ Nature's Nudgings ~

Love is the Sunshine blessing a flower
with sweet, gentle rays at dawn
"Wake Up!" nature nudges
Her petals open up, a gentle yawn

Love is the Rain bathing a flower
raindrops patting on her in tune
"Drink Up!" nature nudges
Her petals enriched, full of bloom

Love is the Bumblebee visiting a flower
coaxing sweet nectar to pollinate
"Let's Share!" nature nudges
She helps fellow flowers propagate

Love is the Wind testing a flower
Bending her all directions, to and fro
"Let's Stretch!" nature nudges
Her stem strengthens up as she grows

Love is the Moon blessing a flower
after dark with soft, gentle moonbeams
"Let's Sleep!" nature nudges
She closes up her petals tight to dream
© Bobbie Sandlin
Carry On Tuesday: #11 This one looks simple, but that's just the way it came out, and the more I stare at it and read it, the more it grows on me lol.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~ Red Dress ~

The darkness pierced
by refrigerator light
In my kitchen I stood there
as it blissfully beckoned
'Come on! Just one bite!'
The sweet piece of cheesecake
Taunting me

I resist, and slam the door
Make my way to
my closet of if only's
Cussing as I stubbed my toe
Acting the fool on one foot
in nighttime and blue language
with a hole in my underwear

In my pain 'Just one slice'
My inner voice weakens my resolve
"No!" I yell through clinched teeth
I have to lose this weight
The closet door squeaks, sliding open
My failures hang lifeless in front of me
I pick my favorite red dress

Three sizes too small
Holding its waist up to mine
The satiny fabric, patronizes me
The cheesecake flashes in my mind
There on the wall, that picture
Me in that red dress...
No double as hell
© Bobbie Sandlin
Writing Exercise: 3 Word Wednesday: Darkness, Patronize, Weaken
Not really all that flowy, but I had fun with this.

Picture: 226/365 days: All the ruby red dresses... DaizyB

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~ Mother's Buttons ~

Sorting through buttons
Rainbow colors in glass jars
Pour them out on plates

Helping my Mother
find just the right one for my
blouse she's been making

To me, such a treat
Like searching for lost relics
Each like precious stones

Some have two or four
holes..some have no holes at all
Mom wants shanks, no holes

Some furry, but most
solid and designed in shapes
My eyes in delight

I want fur..I frown
as Mom frowns, shakes her head no
"Too big, it's for coats"

I still frown, and pout
Mom perks an eyebrow and points
"Like in this pile"

"But those are so small!"
Mom shoots me that look..defeat
I glare at pile

With a goal I go
Exploring for tiny gems
The furry mock me

And then a sweet find
Curvy, glistening ruby
smooth and plump button

Cradled in my hand
"Look!" thou which denied me fur
Thunk it, just said "Mom"

Her beautiful eyes
Twinkled in her approval
She grins, "That's perfect!"

My heart leaps, happy
Not for finding the button
For joy, in our search
© Bobbie Sandlin
Writing Exercise: Theme Thursday: Buttons

Picture: Button Jars! gemgirlart

~ Stargazer ~

Her mystical illusion comes alive
In midnight's magnificent splendor
So simple and yet so Divine
Her silhouette hints utter surrender

She's an audience to stars and galaxies
Their concert of twinkles and glow
Planetary orbits choreography
God's celestial, magical show

Hardened warrior, gentle nymph
Her character is strength and so raw
She cradle's God's tears, sways with the winds
Endures change in her Springs and her Falls

She's a Mother, Protector, a House of Love
To many a diverse family
Shelters the weak and the mighty tough
Both the furry and feathered species

Even the creepy and crawlies seek her
She's a world so all her own
She's cradled the creative dreamers and thinkers
And children in forts called her home

She carries her burdens, endures with time
Her diversity and beauty inviting
Her illusion so subtle, not well defined
Yet, you stare for her wisdom's enticing

So simple her lesson, naturally pruned
Leaves whisper in hope kissed breeze
Stargazer, her aura, the light of the moon
Reminds humanity to Love and to dream
© Bobbie Sandlin
The picture doesn't do her justice. This tree is more spectacular in the middle of the night, with just the stars and the moon, and the distant lights illuminating her. On the right hand side of the picture, though it's very angular in this shot taken at dusk, in darkness you see a chin, and nose, and the curves as if it is a face, tilted upward, as if it was a stargazer. Then on the left, with the branches going everywhere, that's her hair. It's a stunning illusion, and I have spent quite a bit of time at night sitting on the step just in awe of it. It just feels magical, and inspiring, and I finally had to sit and pen something for her.

Monday, July 27, 2009

~ Fragrance of Wisdom ~

The scent of history,
trapped between aged pages of books
and layers of time ravaged paper scrolls

Fingertips marvel at the frays
and battle scars of words guardians
Rough cloth and leather bound
Musty, antique aroma and dust fills the nostrils
as pages are flipped through, some eager
to turn, others reluctant to unveil
Typed words in straight margins
inviting the eyes into their story
Worn, creased corners mark journey's long gone
juicy revelations that beckoned
the reader, reluctant to stop
Exploring novel ideas, romance,
philosophies, and the mysteries of life

The rolled parchment
tarnished, and dyed in faded browns
by the demands of millenniums passing
Some torn and tattered
Others seemingly untouched
Creaking and moaning when revealing
Archaic rough script writings, of
past scribes, eager to share
the secrets of their time
The rolls, voice of the ancients
Tantalizing language and codes
The incense of deserted knowledge
consumes the air in their presence

The fragrance of wisdom
The visual spice to our eyes
For our minds, hungry to learn, must seek
© Bobbie Sandlin

For this weeks prompt: fragrance.
I was on the fence, and then in conversation tonight with a friend, she said something not even related to this, and the picture of old books flashed in my mind. I had to open a document and write it down really quick before I lost it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

~ Brothers ~

Infinitely being
The pain doesn't let me go
Time has ceased
To Be
I don't recognize anything

Darkened hues reflecting
My Blues
The world seems so rainbow less
Surrounded by sacred stones, in vain
My Pain
Can't move forward, collapsing

Inscribed within my mind
Our Time
When we lived, bathed in sunshine's hues
I touch your name on your chiseled stone
So Alone
Yet, I feel your presence

Our time has come, it's the end
Best Friend
But, you'll be forever living I know
Brother, one day beyond dreams
We'll be together again
© Bobbie Sandlin
For Writing Exercise: RW theme: Spooky, is one of those surprises. I was looking at the picture, and was just focused on their blurred faces. I didn't get "spooky" out of this, especially with the tones of the photo. I let out the first stanza, and the poem wrote itself from there.

Photo: Cemetery in Malvern by Doug Shaver

Friday, July 24, 2009

~ I'm Just Fine ~

My body isn't much
There's a lot, but it's not much to look at
I got some issues
So get your tissues
This takes time

My Brother would be squished
Carrying me
I'm horribly self conscious about
my two front teeth
35's apparently a new puberty
My face is...interesting

Made all my lists
Of what I have to do
Resolutions, revolutions
I'm dizzy and screwed
But the plus side, I'm free

My body's breaking down
My spirit's at a new dawn
My back creaks loud
But my mind thinks long
Need some good maintenance and a new chasse
But my Spirit, hums and sings

Bad habits got me
I'm stubborn and know better
Got a lot to change
But I busted my "go getter"
Not to mention what's all deflated on me
It's interesting

Yet the sun shines on me
The stars are aligned
My soul vibrates, and this Time is Divine
The silver lining here, to this long ass whine
I'm just fine
© Bobbie Sandlin
I think this one is pretty self explanatory lol. Not all all flowy, just goofy thoughts.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

~ Journey of Being ~

Constant fumbling
In vain, I grasped at Light
Inner ball and chains
Against, I fought with might

Abuse my Temple
My body which cradles Soul
Challenge my faith and will
Shed darkness, pain and cold

Truth maturely learned
A quickening in my Spirit
Cleansed, my cares no more
My soul grows bold and fearless

Heart open, embracing all
I'm connected with humanity
I nurture, my loving home
I'm being what I wish to see
© Bobbie Sandlin
This is one of's out there lol. I was reading something online and it inspired me a bit for some word play, and while I'm not totally satisfied, I'm sticking it out here before I delete the document and think "Ick..Do over." I like how it started, and was happy with how it turned out. It's basically reflecting both past and current struggle, as well as current reality and growth. I'm just not that satisfied with the words, but it might be one of those that grows on me lol.

~ Cradled Haiku ~

Your mind cradles thoughts.
Snares creative, flowing words.
Perfect! Now write them.


Cradled by your heart
Perfect Love, expanding quick
Snared in deception

Adding this one..

Cradled by your heart
Perfect Love, expanding quick
Snared in deep rapture
© Bobbie Sandlin
This is my first 3 Word Wednesday, so I thought I'd keep it short and do a couple of haiku's. I had not done this style in awhile, so this is fun :D Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~ The Voices... ~

Inwardly the critic
Opinionated through and through
My inner voice conflicted
But what's a girl to do?

They say you're fine conversing
If yourself, you do not answer
Well give this girl the bestest meds
'Cause me, myself do banter

Left brain, right brain disagree
The logic and abstract clash
People stare, start whispering
As I verbally kick my ass

My inner voice will try and soothe
"Just breathe and let it go"
I frown, not having none of that
It physically comes to blows

Two black eyes, a fat lip too
I knock myself to the floor
I scream "Say Uncle, admit defeat!"
My inner voice jeers and yells "More!"

I pummel and hit, start seeing stars
Pretty colors and sparkling lights
People surround me, and some old fart
Waves down and tells me "Night Night!"

So now dear friends, here I lay
In this jacket I'm strapped, and I itch
Don't answer your evil little voices
I can't scratch, and it's really a bitch!

Told ya!
~© Bobbie Sandlin~
For OSI Prompt: Inner Voices. It's got some language to this, but it wouldn't be convincing with gosh and golly gee wiz. It started out as an enlightened poem. I had 10 stanzas, just word playing to get a feel and direction, and then a flow hit full blast and it turned into "Soul vs. World." So by the time I got done with it, I was goofy, kept thinking of my friend and conversations on inner voices (we have many an inside joke) lol. Then this poetry flowed from there.

~ Soul vs. World ~

The world screams of hate
My soul whispers Love
They try to steal your spirit
My soul connects with One

The world beats and whips you
My soul stands back Up
They kick and hit and pull you down
My soul survives uncut

The world twists and lies
My soul relies on Truth
They mock, berate, say hateful words
My soul remains unbruised

The world holds a grudge
My soul seeks to Forgive
They harbor pain, repeat mistakes
My soul absolves and lives

The world often cries
My soul extends Compassion
They shed their tears and realize fears
My soul's love is never rationed

The world resists change
My soul craves new Knowledge
They hang onto death and rituals
My soul conquers ancient bondage

The world is transformed
My soul expands in Love
They embrace Light and hand in hand
My soul and world are One
~© Bobbie Sandlin~
Wrote this tonight. Took a while, but dang. lol Nice flow, came out of nowhere.

Monday, July 20, 2009

~ Infinite Beat ~

Be quiet and you hear it, you'll hear the sound
Of all the Peace that has yet to be found
Between your pounding heartbeats, love is unwound
Feelings pour forth, no turning back now
Mind consumed with spirit, enlightenment bound
Soul vibrates eternally sound surroundAlign Center

The world can start changing, it all starts with you
Let go of hate, set your heart in truth
Be the loving spirit for those saddened and blue
Unselfishly, just share love, no excuse
Perceptions crumble, shifting, awake and so new
Open eyes sparkle with the view

Release your inner knowing, just open and see
Come see just what you were meant to be
Perfection and yet chaos, sweet clarity
We are all connected, we're one energy
Pulsing vibrations, our souls inner drum beat
Love expands infinite, beyond our dreams
~© Bobbie Sandlin~
Some word play and rhyme this morning. Very harmonic flow.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

~ Family History ~

Olden hands, open book
Flip from page to page
Familiar smile, misty eyes
Long for bygone days

Pictures old and tattered
Stagnant browns and grays
Faded color, rips and tears
Oh marvel at the page

Standing in their prime
Vibrant in their youth
Stand alone, or family
Such a motley group

Dresses overflowing
Blouses to their necks
Prim and proper, beautiful
These women at their best

Donning handsome Sunday garb
Men strike their manly pose
Their faces full of history
These pictures surely show

Babies in their christening gowns
Children dolled up and proper
Lived and gone some children are
Can't help but sit and ponder

Window to the past
These pictures truly prove
Love and treasure history
Instill it in our youth

Another page, another group
Of family dead and gone
To wonder at their ways and whys
Their memories live on

Flip a page, crack a smile
Another memory
Grandma, Grandpa, Parent and Child
Our family history
~© Bobbie Sandlin~

~ Ink to Paper ~

Ink to paper, flowing swift
Words come into view
Delicate, or scribbling
Old words are made anew

Put in patterns, some unique
Flows out a masterpiece
Of lost and found, joy or pain
Expressing bits of me

Everyone should grab a pen
The stress this so relieves
Express the pain and happiness
And thoughts alive and free

It doesn't matter, messy or neat
Paper crisp, or crinkled and ripped
Let out this voice within our minds
Ever flowing, the thoughts, heaven sent

One lonely phrase can so inspire
A story or prose of great worth
May only be yours and never published
These works, your thumbprint on earth

Future family may gaze upon
Their hands will touch the page
And with a smile, will wipe back tears
They’ll imagine you during your day

These bits of you, reflects in them
Recorded is your very nature
Lost forever, they’d never had known
If you hadn’t put ink to paper

~© Bobbie Sandlin~

~ Faith - verb ~

To love oneself enough to give
If only but a smile
To feed the hungry, touch the sick
And walk that extra mile

To have the strength to stand up
For principles truth and love
To never buckle under storms
To thrive when times are tough

To instigate peaceful things
Join strangers hand in hand
Carnage, war, hunger, strife
Hard times have hit these lands

To wipe tears from our childrens eyes
Amidst our worldly lessons
To raise them right, the glass half full
Their future brightly beckons

To sense and trust, there’s good in all
To cry and learn from bad
Open up our hearts and minds
Unique, we all have paths

To see the dark, yet bathe in Light
In truth I’ve surely learned
This word may be a noun to some
But faith is an “action” word
~© Bobbie Sandlin~
When I first started writing, my Mother gave me this idea..she wanted me to write a poem that expresses the "action" that faith entails. Hope you enjoy.

~ Be ~

Be the peace we've yet to see
Be the shining light
Radiate from deep within
Reflect in everyone’s eyes

Let them not remember you
For your sense of style
Let them fondly think of you
Your generous, and giving smile

Give to all, warm hellos
Be quick to offer help
They’ll think of you, remembering
And feel better about their self

Lend an ear to the weak
Minister to their souls
Comfort those that shed their tears
Give blankets to the cold

But most of all, be not afraid
Live faithfully with hope
Hardships, sickness, chaos and wars
With love we all can cope

So let us be and live together
With open eyes we’ll see
Peace can come, slow but steady
And starts with you and me
~© Bobbie Sandlin~
I think I was channeling a little Gandhi with a splash of Lennon lol! It was a fun write. Enjoy!

~ Glorious Woman ~

Silhouette in shadows
Supple glowing skin
Her long hair pours down her back
As she dances in sin

In nothing but her birthday suit
She gyrates in time
To the flowing inner melody
The chaos in her mind

The sweet ballet of freedom
So sacred in the night
For God's eyes only
She moves with all her might

The world cannot hold her
It's drama she escapes
In sweet harmonic interlude
Her spirit makes it's way

Alive and free her curvy shape
Proclaims her soul has woken
World be damned, she makes her stand
Behold, this glorious woman
© Bobbie Sandlin~
Off a writing exercise, featuring the silhouette of a lady in the dark.

~ Delicate Love ~

The fabric of love
It ebbs and flows
Turning as lovers
Dancing in throes

Of sensual love
Making a beat
Completely as one
Forever to keep

Tangled in love
Voluptuous curves
Velvet and satin
Desires unheard

In infinite love
Never to part
Pulsating sacred
This delicate heart
© Bobbie Sandlin~
This was off a picture prompt challenge using my image in a writing group I'm in.

~ Lost and Found ~

Lost my spirit
Lost my mind
In violent fury
It made me blind

Blind to change
Blind to will
For lack of doing
Has made me ill

Ill in body
Ill in soul
The journey before me
My only hope

Hope for sanity
Hope in all
To never die
To never fall

Fall from grace
Fall in spite
Of all around me
Of all this Light

Light that is
Light is life
In all the fury
I fight the night

Night solitaire
Night so dark
My spirit it fights
Awaits the dawn

Dawn and all beauty
Dawn finally here
Cast away any doubt
Be happy right here

Here is my spirit
Here is my mind
In glorious fury
I'm finally found

Found and anew
Found and now whole
To love and be loved
I finally found home
~© Bobbie Sandlin~
My first poem that began this all lol. The first stanza rattled around in my brain till I could'nt take it and had to write it down...the rest "flowed" from there. It took maybe five minutes to write. I hope you enjoy.

~ Red Light! ~

Have you ever been passed by a vehicle
going at least 20 miles over the limit?
Not ten minutes later you see him
stopped at a red light, and he’s livid!

What is the hurry, such a rush?
Life throws you red lights so you’ll find,
of all you miss with your lead foot
your priorities are so misaligned.

You missed the little girl splashing in a puddle
and a little boy giggling with glee.
An old lady smiling, waving at you
as you blew by so hastily.

You missed that wreck you almost caused!
That 16 year old slammed on her brakes.
In tears, she just got her license to drive.
It’s her Father’s car, for goodness sake!

You missed the typical neighborhood scene
of children loading up on their bus.
The family of birds, the squirrel in the tree,
but you were too much in a rush.

Because you were late for whatever,
can’t relax and just let it be.
To treat this tardy as a glorious sign
and enjoy all the view and the scenes.

It’s not about how quickly we get there.
Our speeding serves no purpose, you'll find.
It’s about enjoying all that’s around us.
The beauty, simple joys so Divine.

So remember when you are in a hurry
speeding past scenes and past life,
eventually it all catches up to you!
You'll get stopped by another red light.
~© Bobbie Sandlin~

Another oldie lol. I can remember writing this one. Not so much a flow, but playing around. Hope you enjoy.

~ Family Reunion ~

Cars arriving up to park
It’s a hot and humid day
Parking close or around the block
The family makes their way

They prepare a banquet for all to feast
Put lawn chairs out to sit
"Hello, How are you?" Fills the air
Hugs and smiles, their faces lit

Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents too
And Parents with newborn babes
The teenagers sulk and roll their eyes
As young ones run to play

Some of the family, so very close
They act like the best of friends
Others are distant to only a few
Disagreement and spats yet to end

The older folk laugh and talk
Spread gossip and speak of the past
Way back then, the way it was
Can’t believe how time flew so fast

Parents show off their beautiful brood
Brag about what their children have done
The toddler now finally potty trained
The kids and their antics and fun

Favorite recipes on the table
Mac and Cheese, fried chicken, and beans
There’s even a pie, cool whip on the side
And a jug of sweetened sun tea

They gather together, dipping out food
Arranging heaps upon paper plates
They settle to eat, they bow their heads
As Grandpa, so thankful, says Grace

“Thank you Father for this day
My family from far and near
Have come together for this feast
Only happens ‘bout once a year

Bless the newborn precious babes
You’ve blessed this family with
And bless and keep the few that passed
Our loved ones, we greatly miss

Touch and heal the few that are sick
The ones who can’t be here today
The Uncle’s bad back and the Sister’s flu
Heal and bless them, Dear Lord, we all pray

Bless this food upon our plates
We’re so thankful for this feast
And bless the ones who fixed our food
Oh, and Lord, Please bless our drink!”

Laughter erupts, then a loud “Amen”
A reunion filled with joy and fun
They begin to eat and fellowship
Making memories of warmth and love
~© Bobbie Sandlin~

I forgot all about this one lol. This was on my disk of old poems, the disk is corrupted, but somehow this one survived. I had to tweak it a bit, some of it was unfinished. I hope you enjoy :)

~ Visionary ~

Many people far and wide,
share this rock called Earth.
We all have each a sacred path,
and each is of great worth.
As many paths as there are souls,
it's our quest to be more Loving.
Some see clearly sacred sight
and some, so sad see nothing.

Some judge others based on looks,
and differences in skin.
Close minded, they live in hate,
so blind to beauty within.
To judge a person on outward impression
is so far from Divine.
Embrace each other, love one and all.
It's time, let's free our minds.

There are those so down in pain
they project and harbor sorrows.
Sapping energy from those around,
they've no hope for tomorrow.
When will they open up their eyes
and make a life decision?
Enjoy and dance within the Light.
Let's learn and grow in wisdom.

Nine to five, the bottom line
in the need to bring home dough.
They keep up with their neighbors,
yet are driven to debt filled holes.
What does all this money bring?
Buying houses, cars and things,
they forgot the love, the happiness,
their childhood, hopes and dreams.

To those afraid to trust and think,
just listen to your soul.
Trust your gut, trust so Divine
open up, and let Light flow.
Don’t just follow anyone.
Don't live your life in vain.
Each unique, we have our paths.
It's time to let Love Reign.

May loving joy surround you
and banish bad tendencies.
Drown out the fear and vengeful whims
that leave us lost at sea.
So stand up, yell and inform all,
even those that live contrary.
Inspire all to seek their truth.
Become a Visionary!
~© Bobbie Sandlin~

This one, I'm on the fence with. To me, it's hokey..maybe because it seems out of character lol. But I just write the stuff as it comes. I hope you enjoy. :D

~ Light Within ~

Shimmering stars in the sky
Breathlessly I gaze
Twirling brightly, sparkling
I'm lost in my amaze

I reach but cannot touch
Miles so afar
Brilliant and so vibrant
I wish upon my star

I wish for my innocence
I want my younger years
For sharp, cunning swiftness
A feeling I hold dear

My life all a tumble
My heart such a wreck
I wish for my sanity
My mind safely kept

My star grows brighter
Grows wondrous with light
Sweeps down all around me
Banishes my fright

My mind all ablaze
With knowledge and love
My experience has meaning
A gift from up above

I now have the courage
It's heaven acquired
Renewed faith and love
I've so deeply desired

My star in the sky
It twinkles and winks
When I sink into sorrow
I'll remember to think

To experience the joy
The wonders I have
To live in the moment
Let go of the past

Calm and peace within me
Here I go again
I step once more onto the path
To share the light within
~© Bobbie Sandlin~

This was written during a time I was sure I was losing my mind. Change does that to you lol. I was searching and defining my faith, coming to grips with my mortality. I hope the message speaks to you.

~ Sugar Baby ~

Twinkling eyes, wrinkled hands
Reach for her precious gift
To touch a newborn sleeping babe
Gives her old heart such a lift

Marvel at the decades between them
To witness it, leaves you in awe
A woman living the night of her years
A babe just a week into dawn

Her trembling hand caresses the feet
Of the babe all but dead to the world
And now on her lap, the baby is placed
Her tender heart beams and unfurls

A tiny thing, and look at her skin
Eyes closed, the babe stretches and squeaks
A chuckle erupts and the woman smiles
She could hold this sweet baby for weeks

The woman then asks, “How much does she weigh?”
Her face just crinkles in laughter
A mere 5 pounds and 1 ounce, so tiny like a mouse
“Why she’s nothing but a bag of sugar!”

~© Bobbie Sandlin~

Another oldie but goodie lol. Sugar Baby is about my oldest daughter. She was SO tiny when she was born. My Grandmother, who was officially a Great-Grandmother with my daughter being born, was working at the nursing home and wanted me to bring the baby by. So I did, and I smile at remembering chasing her around as she took my daughter to various wings and departments, showing her off to the nurses and co-workers, and to the patients. There was one elderly woman who I still remember plain as day. It was such a surreal moment. She wanted to hold the baby, and my Granny carefully placed her on this woman's lap. I can remember how hard I had to work, not to cry. The generations that spanned between them, and this woman marveling at my daughter nearly brought me to tears. But we always joke with my daughter. She's so tall now, and to think she was a bag of sugar lol.

~ The Porch Swing ~

Sitting on the porch swing
Swinging the day away
Enjoying all the view and noise
No way I’d rather play

My Granny right beside me
It’s such a noble treat
I mimic all her motions
Even placement of her feet

My itty bitty child self
Just beams and feels so big
We talk of things, 'bout life and such
And lift our drinks and swig

Taking in the summer scene
Swatting at the flies
Enjoy each others company
Watch the cars go by

Smelling all the summer scents
Drifting in the air
Bar B Q’s and fresh cut grass
The hairspray in her hair

And sometimes a mosquito
Would get the best of us
We held our ground, but scratch like mad
Occasionally she’d cuss

My favorite time upon the swing
Was after rain that poured
Would fill the air with rain kissed scent
A moment I adored

But wait, Oh no, It’s time to go
I’ll make my running start
Hop off the swing, run through the house
To Granny’s candy jar

~© Bobbie Sandlin~

I wrote this one several years ago. It was a fun one, reflecting one of my favorite memories of childhood. Visiting my Granny, and I loved her swing. When I was a little kid, it was always such a thrill at feeling "big" when I got to swing with her. The candy jar reference - every time it was time to go, that was my treat. I didn't get a lot of candy at home, and Granny kept her candy jar full of a variety of hard candies. My favorite was the Brock's Peppermint. I'd grab hand fulls and shove them in my pockets lol.

Friday, July 17, 2009

~ Sacred Trek ~

Climbing up this mountain
Never thinking it’s in vain
Sometimes rocks would tumble down
And they’d get in my way

Piece by piece and faithfully
I’d cast them all aside
Sometimes optimistically
Other times I cried

Thorns and barbs would stab my feet
Upon my sacred path
I stop and rest and fix my feet
My lessons come to pass

With growing inner knowledge
I climb the mountainside
Windy days and pouring rain
My eager soul would thrive

Finally my final step
I’ve made it through my journey
The beauty takes my breath away
I raise my arms, so weary

Stinging eyes, filled with tears
Ablaze, look to above
Twirl, dazzle, spinning bright
The light fills me with love

Angels stand before me
Loved ones from my past
Angels ageless, beautiful
Speak life of ever last

God so breathes, eternal breeze
Inhaled from earthly bounds
I spread my wings, so tranquilly
In heaven I’ll be found

©Bobbie Sandlin

This one is my favorite. The first stanza was rattling in my brain, driving my crazy. This one was so easy to write. I sat down and just let it flow. I hope you enjoy it.

~ Life Circles ~

Glorious fields before me
Swaying in gentle breeze
Fields that span for miles
To infinity it seems

Behind me, beautiful mountains
Gorgeous, tall and raw
Gentle mist surrounds their peaks
Leaving me in awe

Trees sparkling with morning dew
Shimmering, spectacle sight
Standing tall towards heaven
Massive in their might

A prophet stands before me
I’m humbled by the sight
For I know this is a lesson
And I know the time is right

I now take notice to the sky
Clouds twist about and spin
Brilliant beauty circling
Molded by the wind

Chaos within circles
Yet twist and turn pristine
Spinning never ending
Glimmering with sheen

Time is not of issue
Time is not at hand
The only time of great concern
Is that of which is man

Great expanse of all that is
We are but a speck
We should live for every moment
Live with no regret

Despite of all the highs
And especially the lows
The circle keeps on spinning
Lessons keep us on our toes

Never are we alone
We are all and that within
And just when life is going good
The circle spins again

©Bobbie Sandlin

I wrote this not long after I first started writing. This was a dream. I woke up and immediately had to write it down. This is one of my personal favorites.

~ Love's Reign ~

Freely flow, break all the chains
Don't look back, not a thing to gain
Shed rusted shackles of the pain
The Light brand new, only Love remains
My Sight restored, nothing's the same
We are connected, banish war and shame
No greed, no hunger, no more evil claims
Only children laughing, playing innocent games
Hand in hand, the dawn of Love's Reign

©Bobbie Sandlin

Playing with a different style with the same rhyme. Very easy flow.

~ New Way ~

The mission
Give into love
Look up
Yes, straight from above
Joined together, souls hum
Vibrations in tune
Our life force
Expands in love

Quit waiting
Spread the song
Sing out
Sing it proud and long
Rejoice in voice
Vibrate the lands
Stand together
We'll carry on

Let's Awaken
From archaic dreams
We'll stretch
And break old seams
No walls or wars
Banish greed and tears
Hand in hand
All humanity

In the grip of change
So painful
Yet so much to gain
Enlightened we are
Like the morning star
It's the dawn
A brand new way

©Bobbie Sandlin

~ For Michael ~

©Bobbie Sandlin

My world off kilter, off key
My world so out of tune
A still and deafening silence
By the light of the midnight moon

The artist suddenly left us
His legacy in song
My piece of heart is missing
Surreal and yet so wrong

He was but the Master's brush
His dance so smooth and flowing
His canvas was the stage and hearts
Innovation, all his knowing

He sang out just to Thrill us
To unite the common man
Come Together, Heal the World
It is the Divine's plan

But alas, he is now silenced
Entombed and gold and roses
Speculation, crazy making
The world is all but frozen

Hearts cry out, "What do we do?"
We're numb in pain and tears
Teach our children, love one and all
Shed hate and conquer fears

He left a call to action
We'll get up march on
Humanity, unite in peace
It's love that keeps us strong

One day we'll hear a melody
All nations, races and creeds
Forever changed, our hearts and minds
He's planted angelic seeds

It's up to us to reap them
To hum sweet harmonies
Orchestrated, composed by God
This was sweet Michael's dream

June 25th, I was saddened to learn Michael Jackson passed away. It was weird. My life passed before my eyes, only in music. My husband was even struck in shock. "You Are Not Alone" was playing in the background of our honeymoon...I still can't listen to it lol. I can remember as a kid, closing the door to my room, putting my Thriller cassette into my tape player and dancing my heart out. I'll never forget the first time I saw the Thriller video. The music teacher rolled in the TV and VHS, popped the tape in and the entire class was just wowed. I can still remember that Billy Lucas had the red jacket with the zippers lol.
Michael's later years of course were marred with controversy. I was always a fan, never believed the allegations, and so I did a lot of searching. is a good place to start. I was shocked and angered at the way the press twisted his life. I was even more angered when I learned how huge a humanitarian he was, you know...the great stuff that the press never reported on. Finding a little boy named Farko a liver. The fact that he spent a lot of time on tours visiting orphanages and hospitals handing out toys and reading to kids.
Then I was reading and watching videos where he described his creative process...and I was floored, especially when he described writing. How basically he just moved out of the way and let God work. When he danced, it wasn't method, it was feeling. It dawned on me the only time I felt THAT connected was when I was writing, right after my seizure. In the beginning, a flow would hit, I'd scribble it on paper, and then just die at what I wrote and cry...I couldn't believe it. It's not about how good the poetry's the connection to the Divine. I just have this insane drive to write now. Where it leads me? I have no idea. But this poem For Michael was just wrapping my head around it all, shutting out the press, and contemplating on his life...and appreciating the Good.

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