Science is for those who learn; poetry, for those who know. — Joseph Roux, Meditations of a Parish Priest
To be a poet is a condition, not a profession. — Robert Frost
Everything one invents is true, you may be perfectly sure of that. Poetry is as precise as geometry. — Gustave Flaubert

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~ Blockage ~

Writer's Block © Adam Lyon

Ideas in decay
The mind riots against walls
To free graceful words

Decaying esteem
Begs for graceful flow of thoughts
Rioting in write
© Bobbie Sandlin
~ guessed it LOL. I'm having issues. Feeling stupid anytime I write anything down.
Inspired by 3WW: Decay, Graceful, Riot

~ Feast for All ~

If Moon Came to Dinner © Leah@Creative_Every_Day

The sky painted black with splashes of novas
Like the splashes of wine from our glasses
With the twinkle of stars, God's sprinkles of salt
Flavors dreams that are dreamt by the masses

We open our minds, imagination shall dance
Hand in hand, we keep time with every step
To the chorus of heartbeats and our minds in sync
Celestial ballroom, moon lit - the tables set

Fine china of Promise, like treasured porcelain
Holds knowledge and lessons - food for thought
We taste both the bitter, the succulent and sweet
Become full with the wisdom we've sought

We hold up our drinks in an ethereal toast
For our differences, glasses clank - yet none shatter
Guest list: Everyone, young or old, weak or fit
It's in our stories, we learn what really matters
© Bobbie Sandlin
Inspired by Sunday Scribbling's Fantasy Dinner Party.
It's out there, but when I found that picture, it just took off from there.

*Pfft...this is what I get for not reading...well I read it but the question being...was I paying attention lol! So..I was only supposed to invite seven to this dinner party. Interpret that as seven at a time or tables of seven. There are so many people both living and dead I'd love to meet.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~ My Choosing

Surely as the fireflies dance amongst moonbeams
on a sultry summer evening, I am captured in your
emerald eyes. Paradox windows beckon me, as
your pain hints and sparkles. Your voice...
a swords' edge, so sharp. You test me with riddles
and innuendo, cutting me in discipline...

I tip-toe in sweet nothing's verses, shallow...
so meaningless, and you smile. I dare not jinx
this moment by speaking my love. My heart
inside out I as ache to admit my truth to you,
offer you the infinity within. Our dance, your
verbal leprosy. I give you what you demand,
I break. You toy at my heart, discounting
it's worth. You play the chords. My soul
strings vibrating in twisted, agonizing melodies
until snapped. Curly debris, qualifies as
a tangled lesson...

Surely as the sparrows sing amongst the morning
rays of the sun at dawn, I choose...
walking away from you.

© Bobbie Sandlin

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~ Demented Notes ~

Play demented
On ivory keys

Out of tune
Sharp and flat
Empty notes

No resemblance
Of the music
It once was

Hammered against
Diseased strings

Beautiful ebony
Grand stature

Poor souls
Daring to listen
© Bobbie Sandlin
Inspired by Heads or Tails: Note

~ NEW (acrostic) ~

Now it's imperative to change for the better, believe in yourself.
Energy spent trying to change enemies - just live by example.
What a new peace we could find if we just love and lift each other up.
© Bobbie Sandlin

For Sunday Scribblings: New.
Playing with American Sentences, with a dash of Acrostic.

Monday, August 10, 2009

~ Ocean ~

A world of salty liquid incubating life's diversity.
Many species, some yet to be discovered, swim and dance in her depths.
The bloodstream and life force is flowing currents of temperature extremes.
Her heartbeat is captured in the symphony of whale and dolphin songs.
Their sweet melodies vibrate and bounce across her rocky cavities.
She's cold and crushing at her deepest, yet her mystery comes alive.
In her deepness live the rule breakers, so delicate and luminous.
Her inner fire and anger agitates as she transforms through time.
Inner strength, inner shell, much of which no man will ever see or touch.
Victims of explorations, undiscovered secrets we've yet to find.
Her body heat fuels life's tempests, but she'll take the wind out of your sails.
Her pulse is the schools of life that migrate and toothed warriors on patrol.
Wisdom she's acquired is shared by the great sage of the sea, the whale.
She talks to us in the rolls of the waves, kisses us with salty spray.
Her heavenly body beckons the moon who tunes her tides without fail.
Taking the notion, waves lap at your feet...warm, wet sand between your toes.
Edge of something huge...connected...this continent, you, and the ocean.
© Bobbie Sandlin

One Single Impression: Ocean Tried something a little different. This is in American Sentence style, though not perfect lol. 17 syllables per line. It took a while with it, but this was fun.

~ Inner Child ~

I think I know you
Complexities abound
Riddles and magic
An enigma, throughout

The world hated you
Belittled your spirit
Yet you stood back up
So bold, and so fearless

I feel all your trauma
You've endured much strife
I gave you much comfort
In the darkest of nights

In patience, I waited
When you closed the door
To pains of the past
That which hurt to the core

And now here we dance
You're wild and you dream
In ideas and in joy
Free thought, creatively

In mirrors you twinkle
My youth in aged eyes
Inner Child, How are you?
Only Love, no divides

© Bobbie Sandlin

For Carry on Tuesday 13.
For whatever reason, this just flowed when I looked at this weeks prompt. It applies, and it fits me, but it's just weird what inspired it lol. It was a very quick write..less than five minutes.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

~ Celestial Glamour ~

Glistening star dust
Jewels on the pitch black velvet
Of infinite space
Creation's children
Accentuate the heavens
Celestial glamour
© Bobbie Sandlin
Inspired by this week's 3WW: accentuate, glamour, pitch

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~ Sticky Kiss ~

Butterflies and Eskimo's
Have a claim on this act
Whether quickie or French
Must practice for tact

Pucker up or open up
Depends on the type
And much like fine Wine
It's wet or it's dry

By my favorite is sticky
In whatever flavor
My son takes his sucker
Wraps it up just for later

He puckers and waits
Eyes closed rather tight
I cringe and debate
Which side, left or right

I press my cheek softly
My face close to his
I feel a sticky smooch
I thank God he didn't miss

The look in his eyes
Future scrubbing so worth it
I hear an "I love you"
My bad day is made perfect

And with his sweet smile
His eyes dancing in bliss
I tell him "I love you"
All sealed with a kiss
© Bobbie Sandlin
For Theme Thursday: Kiss
We're supposed to keep in clean...I failed miserably lol.

Monday, August 3, 2009

~ Spark! ~

Strike! Spark!
Ambition's ignition
Crackling thoughts
Creating your vision

Clarity so clear
Your dreams, technicolor
Expressions burst forth
Your voice, like no other

The Divine Electrician
Jiggles wires with fire
Charged minds come alive
Free thoughts and desires

Artistically painted
Poetically penned
Musical melodies
Creation never ends

Nature's Lightening
Rejuvenates the sky
Realigns molecules
Brilliant flashing design

Mental Lightening
Rejuvenates Creativity
Aligns thought with the thoughtless
Once blind, we now see

Enmeshed with the zone
Our creative big bang
Flows alive onto canvas
It's never in vain

Embrace you inner storm
It's indeed of the heart
Your masterpiece is waiting
All it takes is a Spark!
© Bobbie Sandlin
Just had a weird flow rattling, so I played with it a bit. I wanted "spark" and then just built from there. I don't know how satisfied I am with this yet. lol

This also applies to Weekend Wordsmith: Lightening

~ Journey, In Short ~

Life is not
Consumed with it's ending
Some say
The end is not 'The End'

Just a
New beginning in Spirit
Unknown but exciting

Your story
Did you soar or just fly?
Your lessons
How did you walk in Valleys?

Your spirit
Was it strengthened or weakened?
Your mind
Did you mature in wisdom?

In change
Through your seasons and strife
In choices
Tough, with forks in your path

In Love
With kindness and forgiveness
Your journey
Full of meaning, part of you
© Bobbie Sandlin
For Carry On Tuesday: #12.
Just playing. Read it all the way through, and then read just the top (short) lines.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

~ Ice on my Window ~

World distorted in wonder
Whole new universe
Of form and colors
In icy veins and feathers
Illusions and dreams
Life force expanding
With temperature loss
Magical and cracking
God's fractal artwork
Frozen, yet dynamic

Ice on my Window

My hot breath
So vulnerable
Melted, destroyed

Water on my Sill

Clean Window
World Clarified
Blessed with Creation's
© Bobbie Sandlin
Playing. I found a picture of ice on a window, reminding me of fractal art.
I was playing with the concept of vulnerable. How we humans have a different take on beauty, as well as our power. Goofing off a bit lol. Part of One Single Impression: Window

~ Dance ~

My heart pounds in wanting
Body pulses with the beat
Love drunk in delirium
You are not just a dream

My mouth so tongue tied
Beads of sweat on my skin
I lust just to tangle
With you in naked sin

Here I am captured
In your eyes, so blue
Full of promise and mystery
I'm forever part of you

I fantasize our future
I do's and rocking chairs
I can't breathe, I feel faint
In this electrically charged air

With that devastating smile
Your window, your chance
You ask, "Hey, where's your friend?
I want to ask her to dance!"

Love turns to hate
I glare daggers and fire
I reply "She's just out fulfilling
your best friend's desires."

You then flip me off
Walk away in disgust
My mind is not finished
With this thing I called "us"

My mind then visualizes
"Us" on a fifth floor
We argue and fight
We cuss and slam doors

I then scream and shove
Out the window you fly
Broken glass, sweet effects
Better than any stunt guy

But before you smack pavement
I'm jolted back with his hand
And your friend's gorgeous smile
Asking me for a dance
© Bobbie Sandlin
Yes, I'm goofy today lol.
For One Single Impression: Window

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