Science is for those who learn; poetry, for those who know. — Joseph Roux, Meditations of a Parish Priest
To be a poet is a condition, not a profession. — Robert Frost
Everything one invents is true, you may be perfectly sure of that. Poetry is as precise as geometry. — Gustave Flaubert

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~ My Choosing

Surely as the fireflies dance amongst moonbeams
on a sultry summer evening, I am captured in your
emerald eyes. Paradox windows beckon me, as
your pain hints and sparkles. Your voice...
a swords' edge, so sharp. You test me with riddles
and innuendo, cutting me in discipline...

I tip-toe in sweet nothing's verses, shallow...
so meaningless, and you smile. I dare not jinx
this moment by speaking my love. My heart
inside out I as ache to admit my truth to you,
offer you the infinity within. Our dance, your
verbal leprosy. I give you what you demand,
I break. You toy at my heart, discounting
it's worth. You play the chords. My soul
strings vibrating in twisted, agonizing melodies
until snapped. Curly debris, qualifies as
a tangled lesson...

Surely as the sparrows sing amongst the morning
rays of the sun at dawn, I choose...
walking away from you.

© Bobbie Sandlin


ThomG said...

A little dark and brooding, but I like it.

Tumblewords: said...

I can't help but think that was a good decision... ;) Nice piece.

Just someone said...

The similes are great...

Bobbie Sandlin said...

@ Thom: I know. Very dark compared to my other writing, and I've read other dark pieces today from other 3WW participants. Must be in the air? lol Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

@ Tumblewords: Thank you! It is based in truth somewhat (emotionally). Glad you like it.

@ Just someone: Thank you!

Stan Ski said...

I like your analytical approach to decision making.

Alex_Alter said...

Bobbie, you know this is poetry after my own heart. I'm surprised to see you out in this realm, but happy that you can explore it. It's GREAT! I'm a little jealous of this one :)

Megha said...

WOW. Good job. The last lines of hope takes over the sadness.

gautami tripathy said...

I love dark!

fired blue vase

Jeeves said...

Nice one

Anonymous said...

good one! :)

Daily Panic said...

It started romantic then the depth of emotions exposed are raw and the breaking is very well expressed.
the end has the feeling of the emptiness and the hope.

Missy said...

What a poetic capture of words. This line here is so visual and I love it for what it provokes.

"Our dance, your
verbal leprosy."

Very nicely done.

Michelle Johnson said...

I love the strength you've shown here by walking away. Sometimes those are the hardest decisions. Well done. Have a great day.

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